Indian Girls – Ani

Ani a Indian Girl
HI! I am an Indian Girl and my mane is Ani and I live in Chennai and I work on a big hotel in Chennai. I come from the northern part of India.

My family is still living there and my family have a large Tea farm there I grow up as a young Indian Girl. I move to Chennai to an uncle to my family.

He let me live with his family during the time I was going in school. Later I start to work and I love Chennai I love the sea and is a good life we have in Chennai.

I find Single Girls Cupid and it look good not so may Indian Girls but is ok I hope you will see me and think I can be a good Indian Girl friend to you.

I love cooking and I hope you love Indian food I am very good to cook Indian Food. I looking for A Australian or an American man that love India and love Indian culture and the life in India.

I hope you soon contact me so we can start to talk. I looking for Marriage for the first but a long time relationship that end with us marry is ok to for me. Hug Ani

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