Hong Kong Girls – Meili

Meili a Hong Kong Gir
Hi! I am a 25 year old Chinese Girl that lives in Hong Kong. My family comes from Shanghai but I move to Hong Kong to live with my uncle to help him in his shop.

I am a Happy Hong Kong Girl that loves to cook food and I love to read books. I am a single Hong Kong Girl and I want to find love and I want to find someone to live in Hong Kong or China or?

Where you want to take me? I hope this small story will change my life and start a new life with a man I not know I want to start a new adventure, I’m afraid that I hope I am right.

I want to see where love can take me. A romantic beach, a large mountain with snow and skiing, nothing is impossible, right? Everything is up to you.

Maybe my future is in Hong Kong but I do not know. So write to me and tell me about the beach or? Please send me some photos so we can start dreaming of a new life. Let see what life want to give us. Hug Meili

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