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Joy a Filipino Girl
HI! My name is Joy I live in Manila in Philippines. I am a Good Filipino Girl and I work for an American man in a bar. I know that the word bar and Manila is not a good mix.

All people think about, sex and Filipino Girls selling sex, it happens that is life. But my boss is not like that he has a bar with a small guesthouse on top and like he say to me the day I start to work for him.

I don’t want your body I just want your smile and a Filipino Girl that are good and Talk much. He says I have too much problem with working Girls.

I lose too many guests and friends are way I just want a good Filipino Girl. We are good friends and he has a good heart. Yes he goes out with Thai Girls and sleep with them, he is a man and this is paradise for en man.

Sexy Filipino Girl, Go Go bars, nude Filipino Girls and all that and you can have as much sex you want, is it not a man dream right.

But as a good Filipino Girl I like to find a good man to get married to or a long time relationship is way I try I don’t want to be with a butterfly man.

I come from a small town in Eastern Philippines where my family still lives I love to cook food and I love to talk to people and I like Politics is way I love my work in the bar.

I can talk with a Germen one day and the next a American man and learn a lot about what they think and how life works in other countries and what is good and what happen in Philippines and so on.

I can keep a man happy in my bar all night and drink and have fun and maybe play a game. I looking for a sweet man that can have fun and like to talk and love to come to Philippines.

I look for a man that knows that a Filipino Girl in Manila not needs to sell sex to be in Manila. I like to meet a man that can understand that just because I’m standing in a bar and do a work I don’t sleep with my costumers.

If you are that man send me a mail so we can talk and if you want you can get my skype to i hope i can see you soon. Hug Joy

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