Filipino Girls – Jay

Jay a Single Fillipino Girl
HI! My Name is Jay a Filipino Girl that lives in Manila with my family. We have this small Restaurant and me and my mom, and dad work in the Restaurant.

We work from morning to late night when the bars start to close and the tourist and the Filipino Girls that work night time go home to sleep and want to have a breakfast before the go and sleep after a long night party and drinking.

The home alone or with a man or a boyfriend to eat before the go home and make love too early morning. Angles City is a city for bad boys and a paradise that all man can find a Filipino Girl to keep them happy.

For some Filipino Girls is the only way to find true love. But back to me I look for true Love in the internet and Filipino Cupid and now

I hope I can find a man that come from Europe or American that live in Angles City or live abroad. I hope I can meet a man that want to live with a good Filipino Girl.

I want to meet a man that think is time to stop be a butterfly man and say this is my flower the only Filipino Girl you need.

If so I maybe am the one Filipino Girl that can make you happy as I hope you can make me happy and give me much love and a life full with love.

I am a romantic Filipino Girl that loves to look on the stars, I love to cook food and I love to read books. I love to find the right man so send me your mail to me with your photo and we see what will happen. Hug Jay

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