Filipino Girls – Grace

Filipino Girl Grace
HI! I am a Single Filipino Girl when I first see I was thinking I can tell you all about my good life in Philippines and about my house and my Garden and my good life and the shop I work in and all that.

But after the typhoon my life change and we can forget about all this. But now I am with my family in Manila and I thinking on what God want and I think he say is time to find love and move from Philippines.

Now I don’t have a home or a work that keep me in Philippines that were the thinks that stop me to find love and move abroad and meet a good man like my sister did many years ago.

So do you want to meet a good Single Filipino Girl like me? A Filipino Girl that loves to smile and believe in God and that are a Christian Filipino Girl.

I hope I can meet you a man with a big heart and that have much love for me and a safe home for me where we can live a long life together. Sincerely Grace

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