Chinese Girls – Lan

Lan a Chinese Girl
HI! My name is LAN and I am a 25 year old Single Chinese Girl that works in a big flower factory in Shanghai. I just sit in my room now in the factory.

We are 3 Chinese Girls in my room we all are from a small town in China and we all try to come to Shanghai to help over family’s back home.

My little sisters are good in school and I hope she can be a doctor or something with computers, in the end, she just starts to think about what she will do next year.

So my plan is to support her for as much as I can is way I work in this factory. But my Chinese friend was talking about love and boys last night and we start to look on the internet and we find

And I was thinking maybe I can find a kind and good man with a big heart that I can love. I will not work in this factory forever 55555.

Many of my Chinese friends in the factory say internet dating takes time so I will have a good time to help my Chinese Sister and meet a good man and start my oven life with a good man.

So who wants to meet a kind and cheerful Chinese Girl? Who wants to meet me a Chinese Girl that love to sing and dance and is good at cooking Chinese food? Who wants to meet a Chinese Girl with a big heart of love?

I hope is just you that come to I hope is you that see my story and want to meet a single Chinese Girl that love to walk in the moonlight with your Chinese Girlfriend.

I hope is you that want to have someone to hug when you are lonely. So send me a mail fast so I can give you my skype so we can talk. Hug Lan

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