South African Girls – Dova

Dova a South African Girl
Hi! I am Dova a single South African Girl that live in Cape Town in South Africa. My friend send her story to this web site and she fined a nice American man.

I am a waitress at a restaurant and one night my friend come in with an American Man to my restaurant. I was surprised and my friend says she been in America for a trip,

and now he follows me back to Cape Town to see if we can make a life here or if we will start a life in America together.

His Name is Mark a nice man and I been thinking of him and my friend all night Dreaming about what can happen if I try Single Girls Cupid.

So are they someone that wants to meet a South African Girl? I am Single and I never been married I have no children but I love them so much.

I looking for a good man that wants a longtime relationship. I am a South African Girl that love jokes and I love Books and I have a soft spot and is good food and good Wine.

The cook in my Restaurant learn me much about food and don’t worry the cook is a Girl Ha Ha Ha. Now I talk too much if you want to know more send me a mail and a Photo. Hug Dova

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