Kenyan Girls – Jebet

Kenyan Girl - Jebet
HI! My name is Jebet and i am a Kenyan Girl that live in Nairobi I live here with all my family but I dream about love and about have a family as my sister have.

I find Single Girls and was thinking this can be a place for me to find real love. I looking for a good man with a big heart I try to learn more English so I can talk more with you.

I hope I can find a good Australian man is a country I like to see and a place I think I can live in. I have other dreams to the big USA and Grand Canyon and I love to see snow and see how it’s like to live in a place with snow.

I am open to start to talk to you so send me a mail so we can see what will happen and if we can find a start for a new life. Hug Jebet

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