Kenyan Girls – Hawa

Hawa A Kenyan Girl
HI! I am A Kenyan Girl i work as a breakfast waitress in A Hotel in the morning and one the afternoons I study IT. My name is Hawa and I am a single Kenyan Girl that dream about find a good man from Europe or American man.

So when I find Single Girls Cupid I was thinking this look good is a great place for me. I am like many Kenyan Girls I love cooking and I love Music and singing, shopping and my mobile.

I go and study and I want to learn to work with apps and build apps and I study IT and software developing for mobiles. I think this will be the market that will give me a good future and work so I can help my family.

I Hope I can find a good man that want to have a long time relationship and is up to him where we will live. I know they are a lot of ways you can make a living in Kenya.

One is on Tourist if you want and IT is a big and good market in Kenya and in Africa if you want to work with this. I hope you want to send me a mail and we can start to talk and we see what happen. Hug Hawa

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