Kenyan Girls – Adle

Adle a Kenyan Girl
HI! My name is Adla I am a single Kenyan Girl I come from Nakuru. I have a tablet but some time I love to have a real computer so I go to my local internet café where my friend works.

I find Single Girls Cupid a short time ago and I show my friend and she say I most try and see what will happen if I add a story about myself.

I am a Kenyan Girl that loves to spend time with my family and I love to go on local market as they have every Sunday in over village the sell all from good food to clothing, music and movies and a lot more.

I love to walk around and look and shop some time. I been thinking much about Single Girls Cupid and the man I maybe can meet.

I hope you are a good man and that you not play games and that you are good to listen and understand me. I hope you look for a long time relationship. Hug Adla

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