African Girls – Amira

Amira A Kenyan Girl in Cape Town
HI! I am a Single African Girl that live outside Cape Town I work on a home and building product market I work on the I work at the Department of bathrooms and bathroom accessories like showers, hot tub and Jacuzzi and all that other thinks people like to have.

Is a fun place to work and I loved to do my dream bathrooms every day for my costumes? Sometimes they come South African Girls with their boyfriend from America or Europe and some time,

I ask the South African Girls who the meet and one of the South African Girls was telling me about

She was telling me about the man she meets from Germany and the just plan to build a big house in Cape Town for the family and for them. She was so happy her husband is his dream to live in South Africa and she was pregnant.

I was looking on them and start to think if I can be a lucky African Girl like that to so being the way I send this story to you. I am looking for a sweet man that wants to have an African Girlfriend.

I am a 23-year-old African Girl that comes from Kenya but lives in Cape Town. I want to be your sun that makes you happy every day.

I want to be that African Girl that hug you when you have a bad day and when you have a good day I want to be that African Girl that you hug and kiss and tell that you love me so much.

I want to be that African Girl that love and that support and give you power every day. Do you want that? do you want to have my Heart Hug Amira

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